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Welcome to Masters Construction. CALL TODAY (613) 777-5200 For a FREE QUOTE!

5 Designer Tips To Save Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

 People spend a lot of money in the kitchen, so here are some helpful tips to help you save on your next home renovation. Kitchen and bathrooms tend to be the big money makers for interior designers as well as contractors, so this is going to show you how to reduce that kitchen budget.

TIP #1

First things first, if you can keep your kitchen layout you’ll be saving a lot of money! Oftentimes a client may say “ This layout doesn’t work for me, I don’t like it”. But when you look at the layout it’s really less about the layout itself and more about the appliances perhaps or the ways in which the function of the layout isn’t working for them. So if you can play with what you already have, you’ll be saving a lot of money right off of the top!

TIP#2 Keeping your appliances in the spot where they already are OR moving them a modest distance.

When you think appliances like a plug what’s the big deal?! You move one plug you move another plug right?. It is a big deal when you are looking at things like a range. Ranges have a really big outlet and a really big plug, this is something that is going to cost a pretty penny to have moved. So if you are going to move it make sure that is really what you want to do, but also do you have to really have to move it? If you don’t have to, try and keep it in the space where it is.

Let’s talk about cabinetry…

If you buy “off the rack cabinetry” this is what it’s called when you go to a big box store that’s going to be a real money saver. What if you can’t fit that into your layout? The next best thing would be refacing.

What is refacing?

 If the boxes and doors that you have are in good condition you can easily replace the door with the colour of your choosing, or replacing the finishes with different hardware. As you can imagine this is a big money saver because you don’t have to tear down anything and there isn’t that much installation as well. 

Giving you an instant transformation!

Did you know that rewiring your kitchen can add 25% on top of your budget?!!

When you need to start adding wiring for different appliances with different wattages and different amperage  get ready to bring out your cheque book. So, if you don’t have to do that or can think of creative ways to do otherwise, that’s what you want to do.

TIP #4 Modest countertops

It’s all about the butcher block right now, it’s a beautiful and great look that can really warm a space up, especially if you have a lot of white or one colour in your kitchen. You’d also be surprised at how economical it is to get one of these butcher blocks.

TIP #5 Surfaces and Flooring

Flooring is a big thing, you want it to be functional but also save money on it. The different types of flooring and faux looks  or “made to look like” looks have really come a long way.

Using laminate flooring that is corked back is great, especially when working in a condo where you have to have an undermat underneath the floor. That is another price that you need to add on. When you have the corked back you don’t have to worry about all that!

Right now doing stoned marble is very on trend for the kitchen, of course that can cost a lot of money depending on the type of stone itself. Why not opt for using vinyl? It looks real, really inexpensive and a great way to save money!

These are some great ways to get to the same expensive look at an inexpensive price.

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