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5 Signs Your Home May Have Mold

Mold can be a hazardous problem for homeowners. Far from being confined to fridges and food cupboards, mold can crop up anywhere in the home, and is particularly common in bathrooms. If you’re worried about mold causing problems for your home renovation project, here are 5 signs to look out for that may indicate your home is harbouring this substance.


Odd odors

If you have mold growing in your home, you may notice some rather unsavory smells. Unpleasant odors may be detected when the heating or air conditioning systems are on, and you might also pick up on a musty smell when you walk into the house. Air conditioning units tend to attract mold, as they are usually located in dark areas that are susceptible to damp.


Dark grout

If your pristine white bathroom grout has lost its sparkle, and your tiles have taken on a gray sheen, this could mean that you have mold growing between the tiles, and it might be time for a bathroom renovation.


Damp patches and peeling wallpaper

Have you noticed damp patches appearing on the walls or ceilings, or that your wallpaper is starting to ripple or peel away? If so, this is a sign of excess moisture, which often contributes to mold. Removing mold is a key part of bathroom and kitchen renovation preparation work.


Allergy symptoms

If you have allergies, or you suffer from a condition such as asthma, you may find that your symptoms get worse if there is mold present in your home. If you’re more prone to coughs and colds, your breathing has become more labored, or you feel like you’re sneezing constantly, it’s wise to get your home checked out.


Visible signs of mold

Often, if you see cracked wallpaper in the bedroom or dark grout in the bathroom, you’ll be able to spot visible collections of mold on closer inspection. Small amounts of mold are easily confused with dust or dirt, but if you can’t get rid of the debris, or there are larger patches, this could be a sign of mold growth.


Don’t let mold ruin your home and your health. Through expert mold, asbestos and lead detection and removal, our team can transform your home into a safe and healthy place to live again. If you’re worried about mold in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Masters Construction today!

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