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6 Simple Interior Design Keys

6 interior design tips

Creating your next interior design plan isn’t as difficult as you may think. Get that cohesive yet stylish look you’re going for with these 6 design tips. No matter what kind of theme you’re trying to emulate, these steps are applicable to get your desired look. 


We want to incorporate focal points in which our eyes are drawn to. This can be achieved in many different ways, like through a certain color of paint or a piece of furniture. While trying to stand out we still want to maintain a balance and flow throughout the house. 


While using colors, shapes, textures, and sizing, it’s important to create subtle differentiations within these elements. We don’t want everything to blend in our homes like a chameleon. We want to be able to notice the differences between different elements in the room. Having a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes allows us to create this very important element in interior design. 


One way to strengthen your interior design is by creating duplicates in texture, color, and scale to create a cohesive feeling to the room. Although we don’t want to overdo this step, we would like to create similarities in different rooms that tie the whole theme of your house together. 


Balance ties in more with our visual sensory, as our goal is to have an evenly distributed interior design plan. In addition, we don’t want to feel as if there is too much going on in one side of the room compared to another. Having a good balance creates harmony and cohesiveness throughout your design plan.


A similar concept to balance is directly related to an object and its surroundings. This gives an overview of certain objects that correlate properly in the area that they are placed in. With this step, you can create very captivating layers to your home that not only shows your creativity but your sense of style. 


With all the items listed above, harmony is what we get. When creating a design plan for your home, we want to achieve the feeling that everything has reasoning. From the choice of color palettes, furniture, and all the little details incorporated within your design. Creating cohesion is a great way to display harmony. 

Pretty simple steps to follow right?

Give it a try and let us know how your next home improvement job goes.

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