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6 Tips To Create Flow In Your Home

6 tips to create flow in your home

Creating a cohesive flow in your house is a process that will always be in development based on your housing situation and mood. When creating a flow, we want to consider developing balance and harmony, producing a seamless look throughout your home. 


Choosing the right colors for your home can sometimes be a difficult task. Even though there are some principals to follow in interior design, it’s subjective. With this being said, you don’t have to feel constricted to choose one color. Feel free to choose a couple of colors, as long as the end product produces balance and harmony. 

If you live in a small living space, try and stick to the same color palettes in each room. Mixing up too many different colors in a small space can create a sense of imbalance and uneasiness.  If you live in a bigger space where you can’t see all the rooms at once, this is your opportunity to get creative with different color palettes. While doing this, make sure to have some attributes that connect to other rooms in your house

Choosing the right color palette that best suits you is the first step in creating a house that flows effortlessly. 


Once you have decided on the color palette for your home, try to keep this theme repetitive in things such as the different materials and pieces throughout your home. When using repeating colors, be sure that different pieces of furniture don’t blend so much that you can’t tell what the difference is from your couch to your walls. You can combat this by using separating materials such as rugs to create differentiation from the two. 


To look at the harmonious flow in colors is one thing, why not add another sensory element in the mix? This can be done by selecting fabrics and materials that create the flow you are looking for. For example, if you have you have a woven rug in your living room, you may consider adding a woven rug or pillow in the guest room of your home. Creating these types of consistencies help generate the cohesiveness that may not immediately pop out at your house guest, but will just make sense to our eyes. 


If you have wood elements in your home, try and add to that theme through different pieces of furniture. Mixing up darker and lighter woods can add a different element to your house. From coffee tables to bookshelves, as well as furniture that provide an accent to your homes such as stools or the legs of different furniture. Bringing out the wood elements within your home not only looks good but also brings in that natural element within your household. 


Details are everything! Matching hardware can add the final touches to your home as these little details bring everything together. Things such as handles on cabinets and doors are sure to bring a cohesive feel throughout your household, especially if it coordinates with tip #1.

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