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Welcome to Masters Construction. CALL TODAY (613) 777-5200 For a FREE QUOTE!

How to Choose the Best General Contractor for the Job

The importance of having the right general contractor for any home renovation project can’t be stressed enough. Your general contractor will be responsible for managing your project, making sure it all goes smoothly and maintaining high standards to ensure quality results. Home renovations can be costly, and can end up costing even more if your contractor isn’t working to the highest possible standard. To ensure that you choose the right general contractor for your home renovation project, follow these tips.


Look at services and experience

General contractors can take on a range of different construction and renovation projects, but may be more experienced or specialize in certain areas over others. Looking for a full kitchen remodel? You might want a contractor that has particular experience in that type of work. Ask to see photos of their past work to see if the style and quality aligns with your vision.


Check reviews and reputation

The internet makes it easy to check a contractor’s reputation. You should be able to find testimonials, reviews and ratings both from previous clients and from professional bodies. This is one way to get first-hand advice on who to choose, but another good method is to ask friends and family for their personal recommendations for an unbiased review.


Ask about licensing and insurance

It’s essential to check that everything is above board to ensure that you and your home are well protected while the work is going on. Make sure that you ask about licensing and insurance when you are interviewing a general contractor. They should be able to tell you how you’re protected when they’re working.


Meet in person

Meeting a contractor to discuss what you need from them is a great idea. You don’t want to meet them for the first time when they start work. It gives you time to discuss the finer details of your project, ask them questions, get references and a quote too.


At Masters Construction we work with you from first meeting to final design, listening to your input every step of the way. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to custom work, restoration services and general contracting projects, no job is too big or small for our talented team. Book an initial consultation with Masters Construction today to discuss your project and how we can turn your dream into a reality!

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