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Welcome to Masters Construction. CALL TODAY (613) 777-5200 For a FREE QUOTE!

How To Turn $200 into $20,000

In today’s blog we are going to talk about the most profitable DIY jobs that even you could do around your house. Not only will these projects increase the aesthetic of your home but also the value. The following tips are designed to cost you very little money but give you a great return on your investment!

TIP #1: Painting Cabinets

One of the biggest attractions to any house is the kitchen, wouldn’t you agree? So why not invest into it to create greater value for your overall home? There are a few ways you can go about reviving your cabinets, a popular one being tearing all of them down and starting from scratch. 

This idea is soon reversed when you find out that after contacting a contractor, it would cost you over 20 grand to put back together. 

Let’s walk through how cabinet painting can make you a lot of money with very little of an investment. Cabinet painting brings a lot of new life into your kitchen by choosing the right colour palette. 

This can be achieved by using a high quality primer and paint. High quality materials will give you high quality results. While using paint brushes are the most common ways to paint areas of your house, using a spray gun will give you that factory-like finish. 

Depending on the size of kitchen and the amount of cabinets you have a project like this is likely to run you anywhere between $200-$600. Yielded you $5,000 plus in profit. 

TIP #2: Formica Countertops 

If you have an old countertop like a butcher block or a faux stone countertop, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace it. A simple fix to this out of date countertop is wrapping it. This is done with an adhesive fill that you can find online like amazon. 

While installing your new wrap be sure to take extra precaution that there are no air bubbles and be sure to trim your shits to the proper lengths. It is advised to get a few extra rolls so you can do some practicing before application. 

This project will cost you around $200, profiting you $2,000 plus in profit. 

*Caution this is not a recommended solution for any type of tile countertops.* 

TIP #3: Tile Glazing 

Want to know how to give life to your dull bathroom tiles? Although you can pick up kits for this at stores like Home Depot, it is recommended not use the foam roller that comes with the kit. Just like tip #1 it is in your best interest if you buy or rent an airless sprayer. 

Be sure to get rid of all the old cocking that has produced mildew before doing any type of spraying. This could cause an improper finish if you don’t take care of this in the beginning stages. 

Although this project might cost you $200, you might be able to generate $3,000 – $5,000 in value if completed properly. 

Wondering how long a project like this would last you? You can expect the longevity and durability of a job like this to be around 6 years or more. 

TIP #4: Scraping Ceilings

It’s time to get rid of your acoustic ceilings a.k.a popcorn ceiling! Scraping this outdated feature off of your ceiling can add a little bit more value to your house. 

Note: If your property was built before 1978, your acoustic ceiling may contain asbestos and should be tested. 

TIP #5: Baseboards & Molding

Removing and replacing 1 ½ – 2 inch baseboards with 4-5 inch craftsman’s style baseboard can do wonders for your home. These baseboards can also go around windows to give your home a really nice elegant classic look. 

A project like this will run you around $400 for all the materials and rentals required, but should be able to profit $3,500 – $4,500 after all is said and done. 

TIP #6: Hardware, Hinges & Locks

Although this is a very easy fix a lot of people disregard this tip. Getting rid of the door hardware around your home can make a drastic improvement to the overall look of your home. Although very small compared to other parts of your house, these small accents can create cohesion in your home design. 

Most value in a home is generated by what people can touch and feel. When looking to replace these items starting off, make sure they’re hardware that people can touch and feel, not hidden features that no one is looking for. 

The more inexpensive the upgrade the more value you can potentially generate. 

This project will cost you around $500 but your profits can be anywhere around $3,000 – $4,000. 

This may sound excessive but positive feelings generated by these small changes can do more than you think. 

TIP #7: Mulch

Adding mulch to your yard can enhance the exterior of your home tremendously. This inexpensive addition to your yard can cost you $50 but generate $1,000 – $1,500 in market value. 

There you have it 7 tips on how to increase the value of your property. 

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