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Interior Design mistakes you should fix

Interior Design mistakes you should fix

After all the construction and renovating that goes on in our house, it is now time to put on our interior designer hat on. You can have the nicest countertop and flooring in your house and your living room well designed with beautiful trim. All these things wouldn’t be as highlighted if you didn’t take the time to plan out the purchasing and placement of your furniture. 

Apart from picking the tiles that go in your bathroom or the paint in your bedroom, it must be followed up by a proper interior design plan. 


One thing that we often seen in homes is the placement curtains. Due to the fact that our eyes tend to go as far as the furniture in our home, curtains that are placed along the trim of our windows tend to make the room feel small.  Try to maximize the height of your rooms by placing curtains closer to the ceiling to give the room a larger feel. When picking your curtains consider going for a more subtle neutral color and look that can easily complement your other furniture in the room. Leaving you less concerned about color coordinating and more focused on picking pieces that you like. 


With every interior design plan, we want to make sure that we create harmony and balance throughout our home. How we can achieve this is by having accurate measurements of spaces that potential furniture can go. We don’t want to be guessing when we are at the store to find out that the piece of furniture is too small or too big. 

Take the time to get accurate measurements before you run the chance of creating more work than necessary. 


Similar to your curtains if you select a rug that doesn’t take up the right amount of space, it can make that area feel squished. 

For a point of reference when selecting a rug for your living room space you want it to go at least halfway under the furniture. 

Rugs are an essential part of rooms, as they help direct the direction of traffic in your room. 

if you have an open concept floor plan and rooms are sharing space, rugs can differentiate the different rooms without having to be obstructed by walls. 


Opposite to hanging curtains we want art to at eye level depending on how big or small your house is. 

If you live in a larger space, you can accommodate the placement of the art to the height of the room and or ceilings. 

Art and design are subjective so it really depends on what kind of overall look you are going for in your floor plan but these are guidelines for you to work with. 

Another rule of thumb is using your doors and/or closet space as reference points when looking to hang your art or mirror. Using the trim of the door and/or closet will give you a good idea of the height you should place these pieces. 


Bringing some of your furniture away from the walls creates a more lively atmosphere which in turn doesn’t allow for a feeling of strict typical design. Ultimately this will create more flow and freedom within your rooms. 

Keep in mind we still don’t want to obstruct any doors or walkways that are essential to leading to other rooms. 


This is something that we probably all have the fault of doing, buying a complete matching furniture set. Although there isn’t anything wrong with following this method, you want to be able to look at your rooms and feel as though your personal touch has been added to the room. If you happen to mix and match furniture sets, be sure to create a cohesiveness by using similar colors and textures.

At the end of the day you want your house to be unique to you, so take the time to curate a home that best describes you and your style. 

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