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How To Create A Cozy Bedroom

How To Create A Cozy Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place for some peaceful rest and relaxation. This can easily be accomplished by following a structured guideline that allows you to do so. 


Everything revolves around your bed in the bedroom, so why not make the placement of it priority number 1? First, we need to take into consideration how the room is designed and where it would make the most sense to place it. We want to look for a wall that does not interfere with other functionalities of the room. For example, we don’t want to place our bed on the wall that obstructs the usage of a door. For the most impact, it would be ideal to have your bed be facing you as soon as you open the door, making it inviting and cozy.


As talked about in the section above, prior to placing any furniture in your room, you can already anticipate what kind of flow the room creates. From the placement of your closet and your door to enter, you will already have an idea of where you would like to place things. As long as you’re aware of this and you don’t interfere with other parts of the room, you’re in good hands.


We are sure you’ve heard the saying the bedroom is where all the magic happens right? Depending on the size of your room, we challenge you to create areas in your room where you can relax by reading or have a conversation, other than the bed itself. This may mean you bring in a bench or chair for this to happen. Adding this to your room allows you to enjoy your bedroom in a different way than just going to sleep.


Depending on the overall theme that you’re going for in your house, picking a color palette that compliments is essential. Whether modern, rustic, or traditional knowing this will make it easier for the selections of colors. If you want a bright room to help you get up in the morning, going for white, light beiges and greys, or sage or sky blue colors would be great options, as the natural morning light will reflect nicely off the walls. If you want a more moody and cozy room, you can choose some darker earthy tones such as navy, forest green, or darker greys to acheive that look.


Symmetry is also an important component of any part of our household as it gives the impression that you put the time into planning out the layout of your house and also creates balance and harmony. Try your best to stay away from matching bedroom sets as it can give off a dull and uninspired look to the room. Stay fresh and creative and challenge yourself to mix and match your furniture sets. 


Let your taste and personality show through your artwork selection. This can be done by creating focus points throughout your room with varying frame sized pictures. If you don’t have an interest in displaying artwork, consider using an intricate and interesting mirror to substitute.


As mentioned in the beginning, your bed should be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. This can be accomplished by adding textures and materials that add a comforting element to it. Things like soft rugs and sheets and comfy looking curtains can all play a role in making your room that much more relaxing and enjoyable. 

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