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Make Your Pantry Pinterest Worthy

Here are some  great and easy to follow tips on how to organize your kitchen pantry, that will create a visually appealing space that you and your family can easily access during your busy lives.

TIP #1: Clear containers

The first step in recreating and organizing a Pinterest pantry is to get clear containers (plastic or glass) with rubber seals in order to keep food fresh and air tight. You can purchase these types of containers from stores like IKEA or Amazon. There are a variety of sizes which are useful in storing different types of food like cereal, dried pastas, flour etc.

Begin by emptying your pantry and laying out everything you have on the counter. This will make it easier to visualize what ingredients you have and what containers you will need to store them in,

Pro Tip:  Make a list of every ingredient you currently have in your pantry, draw a line down the middle and on the other side of that list write down which containers you’ll need to store it in. This allows you to know exactly what is needed & after your list is made it’s just about filling up the jars.

-Large decorative glass jars can be used to store things like coffee pods & tea bags.

-“Click Clack” containers will become your best friend, they are perfect for storage. Great quality & last forever while keeping food fresher longer because of the air tight seals.

Perfect for storing your favourite, chips, cookies, crackers etc.

Tip #2 : Labels 

You can purchase clear rectangular labels online for a reasonably affordable price. Using Microsoft Word, type up each of the labels you will need (The software already has the label template preloaded making the process that much more of a breeze). This is also the time to add your own personal touch by choosing the perfect font for you.

Print the sheets and stick the labels at the front of each applicable jar.

TiP #3: Storage

  • The rack section of the pantry is the perfect place to organize some of the bulkier items you will want to store in larger containers such as protein powder, cereals, flour, bread etc. You can also purchase metal scoops to use when you’re going to retrieve these items making it a tidy and easy process.


  • For smaller jars you can get a small shelf from Ikea, place these jars on top of the shelf. This makes it visually appealing and much more accessible when they’re are larger jars on the same shelf.


  • Baskets are also the perfect organizational tool to use in your pantry. This is ideal to store & hide you canned items. You can organize the different baskets based on the different kinds of canned items you have in your pantry.


  • Another great organization hack is using a metal shower caddy to hang on the inside on the pantry door. This is the perfect item to use to keep your sauces organized, making it visually pleasing to the eye and easy to access when you need them.


  • Smaller containers like the grundtal containers from IKEA  are also great to achieve the ultimate Pinterest pantry. They come with clear lids and a magnet at the back making it super easy to see what’s inside. This will be  another area where your personal creativity can be showcased since they can be mounted anywhere you like with the help of a magnetic strip. Storing things like  spices, chocolate chips, herbs etc.


Having an organized pantry is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also can start to inspire anyone to start cooking. Its never a bad time to declutter & organize your home.

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